My name is Adriel.

I’m in my twenties and would not want to be any age other than what I am. I don’t look down on people who get cosmetic surgery, but it’s something I wouldn’t do. I’m short. I say I’m 5’7, but that’s probably in large part to the heels of my shoes and some vertical striped clothing.

I love food. I don’t, however, like avocado or mushrooms–it’s a texture thing. I don’t like overly spicy foods either. I watch the Food Network obsessively, although living alone doesn’t allow me the opportunity to cook as much as I would like to.

I have a small circle of close friends. I have a large array of aquaintances. I’m very social and often too trusting. On the otherhand, I have a sharp tongue that can get me into a lot of trouble, I just say things with a smile. I’ve never been in a fight.

My choice in music is vast. Primarily, I like what the kids call “house” music, but more so it’s just music that’s easy on the ears and has a nice beat to it. I hate pop music. I like to sing karaoke, although I’m not that good. Alcohol helps in making me think otherwise.

I like drinking. Waking up in a gutter is my way of expressing a “good time.” My favorite drink is a dirty Stoli martini. I will drink almost any vodka drink. I also like beer.

I take my work very seriously. I don’t mind putting in long hours if I’m passionate about what I’m doing. For six years I worked with children. I loved it. I now work for corporate America. I sometimes love it.

I love being in love. I love being single. I don’t mind either state. I play it one day at a time and if it happens, it happens. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I like boys. I’ve made out with girls, but that’s as far as that goes.

I like the way I look in hot shorts, and you should like it too. I will only wear them around the gays. I’ve never been gay-bashed, but I look over my shoulder every so often, just to be sure.

My mother is borderline clinically crazy. I love her. All the things I ridiculed about growing up with her I find myself now doing and believing. Like how to hate your neighbors for nothing more than breathing too loudly, or splashing in a pool.

I love writing, but sometimes feel chored by it. I have had this domain name since 1996. Back them we called them “homepages,” as opposed to today’s fancy term, “blog.”

I’m a master of looking at someone and finding their celebrity look alike, or their “if they had a baby” parents. I also am uselessly good at remembering theme songs from old TV shows.

That’s all I feel like revealing at the moment.

My name is Adriel.

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